Blog consists of Artistic creativity, Psychedelia, Magic, Horror, Peaceful images, Kawaii culture, Cyber culture, Festival culture, & Music.

This little Tumblr project of mine was spawned from the massive collection of artistic images saved to my computer throughout the years. I decided that this was a much more effective way to collect and share visual art and ideas through the internet. My hopes are to inspire you. What I consider art may not be everyone else's definition of the word. Be open minded. I do not own or claim any of the images contained in this blog (unless otherwise stated).


My name is Jessica. Age 24, from Knoxville TN. Artist, mommy, student, manager at Hot Topic Inc, burner, raver...

My baby Jack is 10 months old now. He is so smart, and wild, lol. One of the best things in my life is when we giggle together.